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Latest News

2012 Annual General Meeting

Bi-NSW will be electing a new committee at our pub night on Sunday 12th February 2013. We'll also be reviewing funds on hand and how to spend them. Come along to have a say in how the group should re-invent itself.

T-shirt Sale

Only $5 each. There are a pile of Bi-NSW t-shirts that have been left over from various Mardi Gras Parade entries. Browse the types and sizes and email if you want to "make a deal" on ordering several of them.

A New Identity

Bi-NSW is currently looking to completely refresh its identity and form a new collective of volunteers to help maintain the a positive profile of bisexuality. If you are interested please check out the Facebook Group titled Bisexual Sydney. External Link

Porn-Free Search

If you're looking for info on bisexuality but don't want the porn, try our customised Google search on the top right of our web pages - it only scans through web sites that we've identified as being genuinely of informational interest.


How to give Feedback

It's all very well to read a web site with info, but to get involved in discussions on what is happening you can either join one of the email lists, or you can drop by the Facebook page for Bisexual Sydney. External Link

Of course for a more direct query you can send us an email at .

Bi-NSW Pub Night

Monthly pub night: We have moved our pub night to now be the second Sunday of the month. This allows us to interact with the Sydney Poly group who meet at the same venue a little earlier. Our pub night has been happening for over fourteen years. Some reports say that this is the longest running regular Bi event in the world! Currently it happens at the Warren View Hotel External Link located at 2 Stanmore Road, Enmore. Look for the pink/blue/purple candle on our table in the downstairs bar area. From 6:30pm thru 8:00pm. After that the group heads off for dinner.

2014/15 Pub Night Dates

When To Revisit

This web site is generally updated about once a month but if new events are planned the updates may be more frequent. You can use our RSS feed for a summary of updates or you may like to check if your web browser supports "subscriptions" and can notify you when our site changes.

Note that the main page (this page) of the Bi-NSW website is always updated at the same time we update any other page so you need only check this page which has an update date at the top.

Who is Bi-NSW?

Bi-NSW is the umbrella body for all the various groups within the bisexual community of New South Wales. It is an organization which provides an opportunity for bisexual and bisexual friendly people to meet together in welcoming, comfortable, safe, and friendly spaces. One of the aspects of our group that we pride ourselves upon is that we don't discriminate against anyone for whatever reason.

The founding group of our community is the Sydney Bisexual Network (S.B.N.) who mainly get together for both socialising and fun times but also meet for serious discussions. We'd like to think everybody can get something out of S.B.N.: new friends, worthwhile information, or bi pride.

S.B.N. is not a counselling service (though we'll always have sympathetic ears) and we are also not a "pick-up club" or swingers group. People meet friends and even lovers at S.B.N., but we aim for a harassment-free social space where we can relate to each other, educate each other, and have fun.

Bi-NSW Inc. acts as the focal point for all Bi groups in the Sydney region. So if you need information about any Bi group or activity in Sydney we should be able to help you out.

S.B.N. History

The group started as a result of the 1992 Queer Collaborations student conference in Sydney in August. We were known as "Love is Boundless" for a few months, and then changed our name to the Sydney Bisexual Support Network. As of 1997 we dropped the word "Support" from our name to help indicate that we're also a social and sometimes political group of people. In 2003 we helped establish, and became part of, Bi-NSW which is an incorporated association and therefore we became a formally recognised entity.